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Let’s all begin testing the existence of DMT entities

Many many people who experience a level 5 psychedelic experience such as a typical DMT breakthrough often find that the trip was so vivid and logic defying that it was infinitely more realistic than anything they have ever experienced during daily sober life.

Such a profoundly hyper realistic event often immediately convinces the person that it could not have been a mere hallucination and that the place they travelled too is a real physical space with the entities that inhabit it existing completely independent of the human mind.

Although this group of people is definitely a minority, they are still extremely visible throughout all of the major online psychedelic communities and it doesn’t seem to be purely retarded new age hippies that believe this. Even clearly intelligent people such as the famous Terrence Mckenna hold and defend this belief for some reason, believing that we as a species we are standing at the shores of a vast and unexplored dimension of infinite possibilities.

However, despite my love for the guy I don’t support quite a few of the bullshit claims Terrence Mckenna makes and to me this particular one is true regardless of whether the dimension exists internally or externally and although I don’t necessarily agree with them I completely understand and sympathize with people that do strongly believe this.
I have even been completely psychologically broken down during an intense level 5 solo trip on some of the strongest tabs I’ve ever encountered until I was forced to admit to myself that the hallucinations must be real and there was simply no questioning the reality of the situation. However, as I slowly came down I found myself once again, unconvinced.

Although I could never comprehend, let alone imagine a more convincing example of the reality of the psychedelic universe than what I experienced that day I am fully aware that this sort of thinking is riddled with problems that nobody has even begun to try and solve.

For one thing I’ve yet to see any convincing argument that this reality exists and if psychedelics have taught me anything it’s that our perception of the universe around us is based on some incredibly delicate and fragile stuff. If we cannot even reasonably talk about what is real and true in this reality how can we begin to comment on other realities?

But then again I am looking for scientific certainty not philosophical certainty.
But it’s still not looking good, the fact that these experiences only occur because we deliberately ingest powerful psychedelic intoxicants should not be forgotten and there is even a logical fallacy pertaining to this specific line of thought known as the Other Ways of Knowing Logical Fallacy.
Since I am a proponent of scepticism and rationalism I refuse to descend into pseudoscientific beliefs just yet but it’s the fact that these subjective experiences are generally believed to be impossible to translate into English or test in any meaningful way that has held the entertainment of this hypothesis back hugely.

To me this is a much more important debate than “is there a god?” or “is there life elsewhere in the universe?” as this is something the public can directly experiment with themselves. I will probably remain a fence sitter that is leaning towards disbelief on this debate for a long time and although it seems to be impossible to bring back solid physical evidence I do still think there is room for at least some simple testing and experimentation.

If we put logic to the side for a moment and assume that the hallucinations experienced during a trip are in fact real then we already know quite a bit about the lives of DMT entities purely through their typical behaviour and response to your sudden appearance.

DMT entities are rarely surprised at your sudden appearance into their dimension and are usually very concerned with showing you as much as they can of their space in the 5 – 10 minutes they have before you begin to come down at which point they are genuinely saddened by your leaving as they say their goodbyes and tell you to come back soon. Clearly behaviour such as this indicates that they expect our appearance, have at least some knowledge of our universe, know who we are and are for some reason quite concerned with our existence which seems to be intertwined with theirs.

We at least know this much and since these entities clearly posses knowledge that we do not, questioning them and finding out what they know should begin with a sense of urgency as soon as possible. Simple questions such as:

  • Do you exist independent of my subconscious imagination?
  • Are you a real physical being or a result of my ingestion of DMT?
  • Can you tell me a new piece of objective verifiable information that does not already exist within my subconscious?
  • How do you know who I am?
  • Why were you expecting my appearance?

With multiple people across the planet independently trying to solve the mystery of DMT, extracting information from the entities and writing down the answers to these questions and any other questions you can think of then perhaps obvious consistencies that should not exist within a mere “subjective hallucination” could begin to show. Perhaps they will answer all of our questions brilliantly and give us new information pertaining to the nature of their existence and ours. Perhaps they have simply been waiting for us to ask them all this time or perhaps they will only answer with vague philosophical quotes and angry remarks such as

“Don’t ask me such stupid fucking questions!!”

If they take the second option then they have failed to pass the test, which is just fine since I’m honestly not expecting much more than this but rigorously questioning the entities is at least worth a try and if we don’t learn much about them we will at least learn many things about ourselves.
It’s been a few months since my last DMT breakthrough and I can’t afford to get working on this right now but cannot wait until I start doing this over the next few months.

Anybody can get working on this but I still somehow doubt that any of you will actually bother to get round to this before I do, but if you’re in the mood for some psychedelic exploration and currently have access to DMT (which you do since you have an internet connection) and can also afford it then please scout ahead and report back! There is a slight possibility that you will blow the minds of everybody on the planet and be forever known as that guy who kick started a second psychedelic revolution and changed society forever.

Negotiations with the self transforming elf machines must begin at once!

Just Remember Kids: These entities have the power to crush you psychologically and leave you begging for mercy, so be polite and show some goddamn respect when in the presence of divine cosmic intelligences.


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