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Psychedelic exposure to the inner mechanics of human consciousness and its relationship to states of unity and interconnectedness

I am writing this article to formally categorize a previously undocumented component of the psychedelic experience and the information which it has revealed. Until recently, my own research had resulted in visuals being broken down into six basic levels, which are described in detail on this page here. Generally speaking, these levels start with fleeting motions, patterns and colours. These eventually lead onto indescribably complex and fast moving colourful geometric patterns, capable of becoming so all encompassing that they begin to block out the entirety of the external environment. The sixth and final level is a state in which every point across your brain feels like it has become interconnected with every other point. You suddenly find your self in an overwhelming state that can only be described as becoming and being able to feel every single thing within the entire universe all at once. This is manifested in the form of an infinite ocean of non-euclidean geometry that can be felt at every single point of detail across itself. Contained within it are innately understood geometric representations of every single concept and neurological structure within the subconscious mind.
Recent experiences with mushrooms and 4-AcO-DMT however have lead me to the conclusion that there is not one singular pinnacle of the psychedelic experience and that a state of equal intensity exists along side it. It seems that depending on subtle environmental factors and the psychedelic consumed, visuals are capable of forking off into two separate versions of their highest level. The deciding factor between the two options appears to be almost random, meaning that from this point forward, level 6 visuals will be separated into two distinct categories. 
The first being level 6a - exposure to the entirety of your neurological structure, described above and commonly found on more stimulating psychedelics such as LSD and the 2Cx family. 
The second being level 6b - exposure to the inner mechanics of human consciousness. A state which is commonly found on more sedating, hallucinatory psychedelics such as mushrooms or 4-AcO-DMT. 
Once psychedelic visuals have reached their final stage, at level 6a or b, they begin to become structured and organized in a way that that presents genuine information to its tripper far beyond the preceding five levels. This is done through the experience of innately understood geometric representations that feel as though they depict specific concepts and neurological components that exist within the brain. This is done in such a way that the concepts can be seen embedded within your closed or open eye visual field whilst simultaneously felt through a physical sensation at every point of detail across itself.
It can be described as the profound feeling of becoming completely detached from the external environment and/or self and falling into a place that is universally interpreted by anybody who undergoes the experience as “the inner workings of the universe”. This is a place that feels as if you have literally entered the very source of existence, with the underlying programming of reality and the true nature of our consciousness presenting itself to you in the most incomprehensible manner. I have been aware of this state for a number of months but it has taken me a total of eight separate extremely high dose trips as well as the participation and input of others to even begin to formulate my words in a way that is logically consistent, comprehensive and understandable to both myself and other people. In order to do this, I will have to break this new component down into its two main sub categories and describe them separately in as much detail as human English will allow.

Becoming the organization and structure of the conscious mind,
At the lower end of level 6b visuals, the experience manifests itself as a new found and consistent ability to feel and see the organization and structure of your current thought stream. This is presented to trippers in the form of a fast moving and infinite web or network of visuals that branch off of each other in a level of organization and intricacy far beyond any possible arrangement that could be experienced within the external physical world. 
The ever shifting network follows the pace and rhythm of your internal dialogue perfectly. This creates and manifests new connections in a way that is both physically felt through a powerful sensation and seen embedded within your visual field every time any piece of new insight or knowledge.
This vast network of visuals contains within it, an innately understood, thought stream relevant, geometric representations of specific and abstract concepts embedded into each and every one of the connecting points across itself. The experience of these innately readable geometric representations triggers the mind’s eye to envision the concept perfectly on an internal visual field which exists separately from this one.

Becoming the organization and structure of the subconscious mind,
At the higher end of level 6b visuals, the experience manifests itself as a new found and consistent ability to physically feel, see and become one with the architecture of the subconscious mind. This is presented to trippers in the form of extremely vast and complex, self transforming geometric mechanisms which are immediately interpreted by anybody who undergoes the experience as the inner workings of the universe or reality. This is a state that is capable of bestowing specific pieces of information onto trippers regarding the nature of reality and human consciousness through the simple experience of them. These specific pieces of information are always immediately felt and understood to be a profound unveiling of an undeniable truth at the time, but usually found to be ineffable afterwards; due to the limitations of human English, or nonsensical due to the disorientation of the accompanying ego death, memory loss and hallucinations. 
Occasionally however, genuine lessons or coherent messages are innately interpreted through the experience of becoming and descending down into the subconscious faculties of the brain. It’s extremely important to note however that the scientific validity of these lessons is very uncertain and should never be accepted as fact. Every good skeptic knows that anecdotal evidence is next to worthless in terms of the physical data it provides simply, because it is impossible to distinguish between which details are fact and which are hearsay. However, this should never prevent us from acknowledging the importance that these things need to be discussed and explored on a much greater level than we as a society are currently pursuing. This makes these experiences a very good indicator of the direction that future legitimate scientific research and studies should be taking themselves into. 
It’s here in this article that I am going to explain some of the specific insights regarding existence and consciousness that have been gained through myself, my girlfriend and a close friend journeying into these states and documenting the experience through means of written interviews and audio recordings in order to make sense of it.
I honestly do not understand any of this myself. They are always felt to be undeniable “truths” at the time but we should not lose sight of the fact that we are deliberately ingesting drugs which trigger imagined hallucinations. I do not claim any position of authority regarding the truth of anything that I am about to tell you. So please keep in mind that I possess no academic credentials whatsoever and have already told you on multiple occasions to disregard everything that I say. I am simply describing and documenting our personal experiences which may well be profound truths or could perhaps simply be the product of hallucinatory delusions undergone by a small group of teenagers on various psychedelic drugs, resulting in unusually elaborate stoner talk.

The first of these so called “truths” and the least important of them, was revealed  in the form of being presented with and becoming the mechanisms behind an internal neurological drive which encourages a suspicion of or belief and reverence for a higher system of order than our day to day lives. This is something that was shown to have manifested itself throughout all of human history and culture in a huge variety of religions and superstitious beliefs, existing as an integral part of our psyche, simply because it is an evolutionary advantage in terms of motivation and survival for our lives to be put into this sort of context.

The second of these “truths” was being presented with or shown the true mechanisms behind the brain’s decision making process in any given situation. This clearly showed that the ego, and the internal thought stream which it generates, is an after product of our subconscious’s decision making processes and not in anyway the true director of it. Our current thought stream, emotions, perception of the world, sense of the present situation and what we are doing is being generated instantaneously on a subconscious level as a direct result of our current sensory input. With the ego simply being the experience of the thoughts and decisions after they have already been generated and not something which is capable of controlling itself or any other decision which we make.
The psychedelic and geometric unveiling of this “truth” resulted in the feeling that the human organism is just a complex and immediate chemical reaction to the sensory input fed into us through the external environment. Leading onto the feeling that objects within the external environment which you choose to interact with, pull you towards them as an instant reaction to their presence in a very powerful way, instead of your ego consciously deciding the actions that it is going to perform in advance. 
This creates the sensation that we as human beings are comprised of multiple interdependent systems, which all direct themselves and each other as whole. Not a system which is governed by an intrinsically separate and central command centre which our egos have all been raised into thinking that they are. 

The third of these apparent “truths” which multiple people throughout my immediate social circle have undergone on several separate occasions has already been documented towards the end of this page here. It has been named as states of unity and interconnectedness, a universally experienced component that is not consistently triggered every time somebody undergoes an appropriately high dose trip. Instead, it occurs spontaneously within people who are currently undergoing states of psychedelic exposure to the inner mechanics of human consciousness and seemingly triggered by very subtle environmental factors of which I do not yet currently understand the relationship between.
In terms of how this state subjectively feels, it begins by stemming from what feels like an awakening or the lifting of a great illusion that is deeply embedded within the human psyche. An illusion that feels as if it is in place to keep human beings feeling as if they are intrinsically separate from and more significant or important than, the external environment. It feels as if it exists due to the strong evolutionary need to keep a person’s perspective on the world as one that prioritizes the needs of the self over the needs of the external, as a means of ensuring the motivation for survival.
imageThe psychedelic disintegration of this apparent illusion is commonly described as a loss of perceived boundaries between the physical body and the external environment, giving the profound sensation that you can no longer understand where your physical body ends and the external environment begins. Our central centre of self with which we identify as “ourselves” is at this point, revealed to be illusory and not any single component of our being, such as the ego, the brain as a whole or even the body in its entirety. Instead, the central centre of self with which we identify with becomes no single component of existence but all of it in its entirety, creating the sudden undeniable perspective that you are literally the entire universe experiencing itself and performing actions onto itself through the very specific point of space and time which your ego happens to reside in. The ego or self as separate from external systems of behaviour is felt to be an elaborate fabrication, that the skin is not what separates us from the universe but what connects us to it. This is a feeling that when experienced is immediately and universally understood to be an undeniable truth by anybody who undergoes it.

I am honestly still trying to wrap my head around this specific mental component and do not feel that I have come close to understanding it or processing its consequences. My current level of experience only allows me to describe the feeling of it and not in anyway the logic behind it.
Similar notions of unity seem to be discussed heavily in Buddhism, Eastern mysticism, Gnosticism, Monism, Non-duality and Alan Watts lectures, as well as basic molecular biology and physics, not to mention various trip reports across the internet that all describe sensations of “becoming one with the universe”.
I somehow feel that this will one day become the default perspective through which humans beings look at the world. In my opinion, this is by far the most profound mental component of the psychedelic experience.
Once a tripper begins to sober up and come down the sensation is usually shown to be non permanent and reduced to something that is understood through logic, but not felt. On rare occasions however, it does seem to become a fully grounded and uncontrollable perspective that can last anywhere from weeks to a lifetime after the trip. This creates obvious and powerful changes in personality that result in a completely selfless perspective which values the well being of the external as on par with the importance of the ego.

The above descriptions are based on very specific experiences and trips which me and my immediate social circle have undergone. As for the “truths” which were experienced, we have actually been through several but these are the only ones which could be adequately explained so far. I am certain that there are many more to experience and will repeatedly enter the inner mechanics of human consciousness over the upcoming months, increasing my dosage and pushing my brain to its very limits. 
It’s important to note that currently, only one of these truths can be known for certain to be a universally experienced component, which is states of unity and interconnectedness. The profoundness and intensity of which is making it genuinely difficult not to get carried with mysticism and irrational beliefs. Even as a skeptical atheist, undergoing the experience of what feels like an internally embedded, chemically induced religion that has existed within human beings all along is extremely fascinating because it does not feel like an irrational perspective in any way. It consistently results in a general reverence and profound sense of awe for higher systems of order which transcends superstitious beliefs and has become so powerfully strong that I literally couldn’t ignore it if I tried. Despite the fact that it is still very difficult for me to pinpoint and explain in any adequate way to those who are not familiar with the experience.
When the importance of psychedelics is finally recognized and psychonautics becomes a legitimate field of science, I am certain that we will learn more about human consciousness and our place in the universe than many people ever suspected possible. This is getting to the point where we can begin to figure out the mechanics of human consciousness from the inside, instead of from above, which is currently the only scientific approach. The same difference between looking at a planet through a telescope and sending a manned mission to explore its surface. 
If you have any personal experiences with this state or disagree with anything that I have said, there is now a section below each article which allows you to comment and provide your input, which I strongly encourage as I am extremely interested in hearing what others have to say for purposes of coming to a greater understanding of these ineffable states.

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