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The DXM and DPH combination, broken down and described


Onset : 30 - 120 minutes
Duration : 4 - 8 hours

Low : 250mg / 250mg
Medium : 300mg / 300mg
Strong : 350mg / 350mg
Heavy : 400mg / 400mg 

This article is going to serve as a complete breakdown and categorization for the consistent subjective effects that are induced across all people who undergo the DXM and DPH combination experience. This is something that I am writing because, although there are an infinite amount of possible drug combinations, almost all of them simply induce the effects of the two separate drugs on top of each other in a very predictable manner. However, these two substances do just the opposite of that, producing a very unique synergy when taken together, potentiating the positive aspects of the other substance whilst simultaneously suppressing its negative side effects; all with distinct visual and hallucinatory effects that are found on neither of these substances when taken on their own. 

If you are not familiar with the effects or chemistry of either of these substances, you can learn in detail about DXM by clicking here, along with a similar analysis and breakdown of the DPH trip right here. The DXM/DPH experience contains a complex and wide array of effects which based on the predefined potential subjective effects index found here, I will now begin to breakdown and describe…

Physical effects:

When taken in combination, DXM and DPH both lessen the negative side effects of the other substance. For example, DPH’s nausea suppressing abilities the nausea associated with DXM is almost entirely abscent. In return, DXM’s dissociating and anesthetic-like qualities have an extremely positive effect on the unbearably strong physical dysphoria found within DPH. This completely eliminates the muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, restless leg syndrome, and extreme dehydration experienced when DPH is tried by itself. This allows the unique delirium, hallucinations and visual effects of the DPH experience to become much more accessible to your average person.

The subjective physical effects of DXM and DPH can be broken down into four components all of which progressively intensify proportional to dosage.

These components generally include:

  • Disconnection from tactile input
  • Spontaneous tactile sensations - The body high is a sharp, pleasurable tingling sensation which is location specific to the hands, feet and head. The second is a warm euphoric glow which emanates outwards from the centre of the body’s torso.
  • Increased bodily weight - A powerful increase in the body’s overall weight and sense of gravity is felt.
  • Physical autonomy

Cognitive effects:

The emotional dysphoria, paranoia, anxiety, depression and feelings of impending doom usually found within DPH do not seem to present when taken in combination with DXM. This could be attributed to DXM’s euphoric and calming effects. In total the subjective cognitive effects of DXM and DPH can be broken down into four components all of which progressively intensify proportional to dosage.

These components generally include:

  • Disconnection from consciousness
  • Ego suppression loss and death
  • Thought deceleration
  • Suppression of emotion
  • Suppression of information processing
  • Suppression of language
  • Amnesia

Visual effects:


This combination does not enhance visual stimuli in the way that psychedelics do, instead they tend to degrade and decrease visual aptitude both increasing hallucination and degrading vision.

  • Decreased visual acuity
  • Suppression of pattern recognition
  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision


As for visual distortions and alterations, effects experienced are detailed below:

  • Visual drifting (Melting, Breathing, Morphing and Flowing) - In comparison to other hallucinogens, this effect can be described as intricate in complexity, jittery, slow and rigid in motion, static in their permanence, blurry in detail, realistic in believability, and interactive in plasticity
  • 3-Dimensional textures - Another distinct visual distortion which is seemingly unique to this very specific combination is a distortion which exclusively effects rough and detailed textures. This causes textures to become 3-Dimensional, rising up out of the surface which they reside upon in a strangely intricate and static fashion that looks similar in appearance to condensed, mostly opaque and coloured smoke.


In terms of the specific style of geometry present within this combination, they can be described as intricate in complexity, slow in movement, dark in colour scheme and ominous in emotional vibe. They manifest themselves in a traditional psychedelic manner when the eyes are closed but appear as static, unmoving shapes and geometry which the external environment morphs into when the eyes are open and looking at any single point, always resetting once the person double takes. This is an unusual visual effect because both dissociative and psychedelic visuals do not do this, instead preferring to manifest themselves as a fast moving and flat translucent veil across the visual field which cannot be interacted with.

Hallucinatory states

The hallucinatory states found within this combination are identical in style to that of DPH and other deliriants which are more delirious and uncontrollable than that of any other commonly used hallucinogen. These states alternate between waking external hallucination and internal hallucinatory states.

The effects of such hallucinatory states include:

  • Transformations - Transformations of objects within the external environment often morph into other objects, animals and people and seem to follow a persons current mindstate
  • Imagery - The imagery on DPH is described as more solid than psychedelics and does not seem to be composed of condensed visual geometry as with imagery found within psychedelics and dissociatives
  • Hallucinations - Hallucinatory states found within a DPH trip can be described as both external and internal in manifestation, delirious in believability, fixed and autonomous in interactivity, and seem to mainly draw off previously experienced events, people and objects, although literally anything is possible.

Auditory effects:

The auditory effects of this combination are extremely consistent in occurrence in comparison to that of LSD and psilocybin and exhibit a range of effects which commonly includes,

  • Suppression
  • Distortions
  • Hallucinations


Although this is not an experience that I wish to repeat on any sort of regular basis, the DXM and DPH combination is an extremely fascinating one, making delirium accessible to me in a way that DPH on its own never could. This is something that is owed purely to its horribly dysphoric physical and mental effects. This combination should never be taken by beginners and is not for the faint hearted, due to its very sinister undertones in its hallucinations and general vibe of the trip. If you want to try this drug however, both substances are freely available and unscheduled throughout every country in the world and easily accessible through the power of google search. Keep in mind however that neither of these drugs are 100% physically safe, especially when taken repeatedly on a regular basis. You’ll need to do some independent research on both of these substances before you even consider trying an experience such as this.

Click here for a more comprehensive breakdown.

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